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Week 14 ~Law of Substitution

January 6, 2011 3 comments

Law of Substitution is one of the mental laws I’ve learn
to put into action quite a bit, especially lately. This is
the thought process where we rid ourselves of any
negative thoughts by substituting another positive
one in its place.

Because we are capable of holding only one thought at
a time, our goal is to dismiss any thoughts of lack and
limitation whenever they creep into our subconscious
mind. It’s crucial that they are replaced immediately
by a more positive thought.

It’s true we won’t be able to control every circumstance
of our life, but it is in our power to control the way we
choose to respond to those circumstances.

The Law of Substitution sounds as if it should be an easy thing to do. However,
since I’ve been practicing it, I have found it can be a  rather challenging task.

For example, each year the members of my church participate in a biblical expression
known as the “Daniel Fast” It simply means that for 21 straight days we are to be cautious
of what goes into our bodies. We are to refrain from or avoid all animal products including
meats, certain food that contain sugar, soda, breads and dairy. We are to substitute
healthier foods as fruits, vegetables, water and all natural juices.

As you can probably imagine, the first few days are the hardest to accomplish. It takes
will power, persistence, determination and the law of substitution.

Whenever those thoughts and feelings of sugar surface, like brownies, candy, sweet tea
aroused, I had to immediately substitute in my mind thoughts of healthy foods like a
delicious juicy plum, sweet crunchy baby carrots, icy cold water with crushed ice! if
I wanted to achieve my goal.

My level of control depends upon how effectively I use the Law of Substitution.
Is this a law you have put into practice?

Wishing you a new year and a new you!

Week 13~The Dreams of the Dreamer

December 27, 2010 1 comment

dream of a dreamer comes true

During week 13 a lot is going on being in the mist
of the Christmas holiday season. As the Spirit of
the holiday began to unfold I became quite busy
with extra chores needing to be done around the house.

I also found myself being away from home more than I
was at home. You know the routine of visiting folks,
helping others out, expecting family to show up a
certain time, shopping, cleaning and cooking.

Needless to say I wasn’t quite feeling the master key
routine. Soon doubt started to set in and I found myself
thinking thoughts of “do I really want to continue this course?, Am I really growing and
learning enough to make a difference?”

While reading chapter 13 of the Master Key lesson, I vividly remember one phrase that
really stood out to me. It was “dreams of the dreamers always come true.” Dreamers keep
their visions and imaginations before them. It consumes their soul.

Every magnificent and grand item that we view, enjoy or use today are the results of
dreamers. Everything from the pictures that hang on our walls to the bridges we use
to travel, all were first someone’s dream.

I became more inspired after reading the post of MKMMA member Diane Shinstock.
Diane’s post titled “I’ve had a Breakthrough” gave me all the inspiration I needed to
make the decision to continue on with the classes.

Diane describe’s how the knowledge she has gained from the course has helped her
become unstoppable in her business. I am so happy for Diane’s new found success
and I am confident that mine is just around the corner. I realize the teachings of
this class is the key to me getting out of my business the results I want.

Thanks Mark and Davene for mkmma!

Week 12~Knowledge, Courage and Faith

December 15, 2010 2 comments

I have had to bear hug the kettle a lot
this week. Negative thoughts are plentiful
lately.  My thoughts are exactly like Haanel
says most people’s are.

Knowledge, Courage, Faith

“As soon as I am one up with the
positive, I am then knocked back
two steps by the negative ones.”

Reading chapter 12 has offered me more clarity
on how to achieve my desires faster. It’s all
about focused concentration on only one desire
at a time. I’ve been hopping from one desire to
another. No wonder things are moving slowly!

Knowledge is key. This chapter identifies with a
statement Earl Nightingales quotes in the audio
[The Strangest Secret] about concentrating. I’ll
paraphrase it “We can surely get what we want,
if we concentrate on one thing and not a dozen
other incompatible things at the same time.”

I now have the knowledge of how to create the things I desire. The next step is daring to
have the courage to believe in it enough to step out on faith to take the actions required
to bring it all about.

I really like this chapter. It’s like another starting point to doing my sitting and concentration
the right way. I like one of Mark’s famous quotes that says “Peace be the journey.”

Until next time…be empowered!

Week 11~Astronomy, Biology, Science, History?

December 8, 2010 5 comments

I seem to be having a slight problem with
understanding this particular chapter!  Why is that?

I’m confused about what it is exactly the author
is trying to teach me here. I’m seeing a
combination of info from many fields…Astronomy, biology, science and history.

These were also area’s in school classes that I
absolutely despised! Could this be a belief
that’s blocking my understanding of chapter
11?  Maybe so! I don’t know.

Although, this one is a more difficult read for me, I did however manage to pull out a few gems.
The sentence that is most clear to me is “our wants are satisfied by purely mental operations set
in motion by the “will”. And our supply is created by the demand.”

Another phrase is the biblical verse from Mark 11:24. “What things soever ye desire, when ye
believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them.

With that being said my conclusion of this chapter would be, our thoughts are our greatest
discovery. By knowing and understanding the power of these thoughts along with  believing
creates the substance that bring our dreams into reality.

So , which is it? Is this chapter more about astronomy, biology, science or history?
Don’t Know!   Don’t Care!   I didn’t like school!!

Stir up the Champion in you,

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Week 10~Golden Nuggets of Life

December 3, 2010 2 comments

Key to Success

Scroll 3 is packed with gold nuggets for moving on through
life. The wisdom Mandino uses to demonstrate life’s everyday
challenges are nothing but pure brilliance.

I must persist until I succeed!

We are all tested by life at some point, but if we persist and
charge forward like the Orient bulls do in fight arena’s, we
should never fail to succeed.

Og reminds us that the naysayers are like sheep headed to
the slaughterhouse of failure. If we refuse to listen to them
and be like them we are guaranteed to have a much better
chance of defeating failure.

How true it is that fear and failure are forever trying to steal our dreams.
The only ones who win are those who persist and keep taking the steps,
one after the other. We keep pressing in because success could be hiding
behind the next bend in the road and we won’t know it unless we turn the corner.

We are also shown here that success won’t be easy, but with faith and persistence it must
eventually happen. Just like attempting to chop down a mighty oak with a blade or being
that rain drop that washes away a mountain. It doesn’t happen immediately, still with
continuous action over time it never fail to succeed.

The moral of this chapter (to me) is to never ever consider defeat. Do whatever needs to be
done to keep ourselves moving forward in the direction of our dreams. Mandino sums it up
so plain and clearly by saying, “ignore the obstacles and keep your eyes on the goals,
because where dry desert ends, green grass grows.”   Simply persist until you succeed.

The best nugget of all is “when” you succeed, as you surely must when you persist, don’t
dwell on yesterdays happenings or successes. Rather greet each new day with a new
confidence. I call this chapter one that is full of golden nuggets to living the best life!

I ..Persist.
I ..Win!

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Week 10~ Give-It Shall Be Given

December 1, 2010 2 comments

Awh! What an incredible journey in week nine.
I got some really creative ideas about how to
benefit more from the placement of the shapes.

All of this came about because Mark and Davene
had us share in the Key Club how each were using
the shapes. We are really connected to some very
skillful dreamers. I’m taking a few of those ideas and using them to replace one of my own.

I had the pleasure of putting the affirmation from Scroll 2, “I greet this day with love”
into play during the Thanksgiving holiday rush. I had to make a trip to the grocery
store to pick up some items. So, before I left home I decided everyone that I face in
the store, I’m going to silently say “I Love You” to see what may happen, if anything!

Well, Holy Moses! I was blown away by the response. I was amazed…people which I
saw from a distance were walking looking down at the floor. As they drew nearer to
me I said the affirmation and (zap) their head lifted up, they looked me in the eye and
gave me the warmest smile. Of course I was smiling too!

Even the ones that displayed the Scrooge face would crack a warm smile as I approached
them. That day I met some of the friendliest  people I have ever encountered at the
grocery store. Because usually people are so angry for having to depart with their money,
but it was different on this day. I attributed it to saying that affirmation in my heart. By
doing so, I’m sure those words were shining in my eyes as they unwrinkled my brow,
which brought the smile to my lips.

The Bible says to give and it shall be given and that includes giving a smile!

My favorite sentence from Scroll 2 that I wrote above Scroll 3 is:
I take the first step required to become a woman among women.

I shall persist until I succeed!


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