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My Subby–Pool of Self Pity


Can I Do It?


Week 2- The wait is over!!!

Okay week two just rolled around or should
I say just rolled over like a Tsunami!

What a boat load of info we received but, it
was all good and valuable information. So
much my mind didn’t know what to do with it
all. Therefore causing me to have feelings of


I’m sure it was my “subby” wanting to reject this new information because
immediately after the call I started to sink into the pool of self pity. Feelings
of  “I can’t do all of this”, “this is too much for me!”, “nothing is gonna change
in the end” began to surface.

We were warned this may happen. So, after gathering my thoughts I were
able to recall the subconscious is stubborn. Therefore I made the decision

to press forward and work on completing my assignments.

Much of this stuff is still foreign to me. Yet, I’m sure with time it shall
become smoothe sailing. I’m especially enjoying reading the Master Key
chapters daily.

I wait with expectations to see what great things will unfold this week.
Until I put pen to paper again,  “Unleash the champion in you!”


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  1. October 5, 2010 at 11:59 pm

    Hang in there Rena. I believe in you.


    = A Winner Never Quits, A Quitter Never Wins.

    = It’s a Slight Edge thing. You don’t have to eat the Elephant in a single bite.

    = When we are struggling, that means we are growing.

    Delighted to have you with us.

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