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Deconstructing Assumptions

How long does it take you to solve these True/False problems?

Burning Desire

1. 35-30=5
2. 88×2=176
3. 3×5=15
4. 111-21=80
5. 53+27=90
6. 8+9=17

What if I told you that there are 4 False out of the 6,
long would you study it?

If you assume the instructions I just gave you were
accurate you would probably look for the false problems
for who knows how long?

The thing is all the problems are true and correct, but because I said to
look for the four false, most people would have believed it and taken me
at my word.

We have been conditioned this way. For most of our lives we have been
given wrong directions. Most of the time it is based on fear. Chapter 2 of
the Master Key says “Our difficulties are largely due to confused ideas
and ignorance of our true interests.”

Mk also says we are to discover the laws of nature  to which we are to
adjust ourselves. Clear thinking and moral insight are therefore, of
incalculable value.

This teaches us the importance of having authentic and earnest desires.
This is the same desire Napoleon Hill speaks of in the classic “Think and
Grow Rich” when he says ‘one must have a burning desire in order to
accumulate the riches we want.’

The lesson learned is not to assume that our dreams will happen simply
from listening or thinking about it. It’s going to take concentrated thoughts
that are authentic, along with a plan. The desire to carry out the plan has to
be burning within us at all times.

Unleash the Champion in you!!

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