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Relaxing and Nodding

Ahh! What a good feeling…I so look forward to my quiet time of
sitting still for 15 minutes daily. In chapter 3 we learn to relax
our physical body. This week, week four we are learning to relax and let go mentally.

If you recall back in our week 1 when we first set out to do this stuff, sitting still was
the most difficult thing I’d ever tried to do. Now I am enjoying much. During the relaxing I
find myself nodding into a deep sleep! …Is this suppose to happen?

Amazing, what use to seem like hours in time, now breezes by within a few minutes.
Sometimes when I look-up at the clock, fifteen minutes have gone by. I’ll be like 3-4
minutes over, so I continue to sit for a few more minutes.

Another thing I’m noticing is after a few moments into getting started I become very
emotional. It’s like a sense of gratitude sweep over me and I’m sitting there very still
with tears streaming down my face. I can’t move my hands to wipe them away, so
there they are rolling and falling where they may.

Maybe this is some sort of cleansing process because shortly after the tears, is
when I drift off and start to nod. Whatever it is, I’m okay with it!

When time is up, I am usually feeling all the more relaxed and energized. Relaxing
and nodding. Is this happening with anyone else I wonder?

Unleash your champion!

  1. October 20, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    I’m surprised it hasn’t happened to me, at least the nodding part! But it is very relaxing.

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