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Week 4.. I Can Be What I Will ~


This week we are approaching week 5 of our
Master key training. We are told at this point
things are really going to speed up for us.

Gosh, I’ve already learned so much so far. First
off, I’ve learned how critically important it is to
establish good habits. Because success stems
from good habits. My  learned good habit is
scheduling my activities the night before and
being true to getting them done.

I also learned how to quiet my mind and go into
the deep to relax and enjoy connecting with
Spirit. This was accomplished by getting into
the habit of sitting still for at least 15 minutes daily.

We are taught about our personal pivitol needs (PPN). Recognizing what it is I need in my
life and discovering what I was put on the earth to contribute. My PPN’s are true health and
helping others. It’s important to have the right PPN’s for yourself, else all this training would
be of no effect if it isn’t clear.

It’s amazing to go into in-dept study of the brain, conscious, subconscious, our cells, peptides,
and learning how…

Still Water

all the energy works together to help bring those things desired into existence and
learning I can truly be what I will to be.

Beside getting to know ourselves from the inside out, we are learning techniques on how to
brand ourselves via the internet and journaling. We are taught how to make the best of this experience.

Now here we are at week 5 and I wait with anticipation for this week’s training to see what
new thing I will learn. It’s an incredible journey and I look forward to each class. Follow
your dreams and unleash the champion in you!!

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