Press Release

A Small Town Angel Emerging Worldwide

Interviewed by Gordon Robertson-700 Club Television
Tuesday March 12, 2014

Host-Gordon Robertson March 12, 2014

700 Club now on air. Host-Gordon Robertson address the audience
with an introduction:

Gordon: Our next guest is known for giving
incredible gifts to the masses in her home town
of Tallahassee, Florida. But it doesn’t stop there.
This woman is from a small town but she is
rapidly becoming known worldwide as an emerging Angel.

Please help me welcome “Ms. Rena Williams” to
the show, and let’s hear all about the incredible
difference she is making in many lives around the globe.

The audience applaud!!!

Gordon: Welcome to the 700 Club Ms. Rena Williams

Me: Thank you Gordon, it’s my pleasure to be here…(As I look
around at the cozy, warm livingroom setting with a huge gas
fireplace flaring in the corner.)

Gordon: So, how did a small town ordinary citizen become known
as an Angel?..not only in your town but now people from all
around the world have heard of YOU!?

Applause from the audience!!!

Me: Well, Gordon, that’s an interesting story, I replied as I
scanned the platform of the studio, quickly glancing out at the
three camera men first, then the audience…for you can now hear
a pin drop as they await my answer in anxious anticipation.

I slowly turn my attention back to Gordon as my eyes lock into
his hazel eyes, I continued by saying “It has always been my dream
to do something extraordinary in my city.” And for many, many years
I had a passion for helping to fund the Gospel, even as a young adult.

1st Church Built

At first I started out being partners with a few different ministries
such as TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) and ministries like
Kenneth Copeland. It wasn’t a significant amount that I gave,
just a monthly donation of $25-$50.

Yet, somehow for me that still didn’t fulfill my desire to do more.
So when my local church was looking to expand because we were
rapidly outgrowing our space. It then became a driving force for
me to be able to contribute big time to the building of a new
church or making the financial payment on an existing building.

Gordon: That’s an extraordinary dream to have. Applause from the audience!!!

Gordon: We hear that you have a luxurious home in Monterey,
California and another dream home in Sydney, Australia?? That’s
not hard to believe as I sit here and admire the magnificent way you
you are dressed today. Doesn’t she look gorgeous today audience?

The cameras shift to the faces of the audience as they smile and nod
their heads yes and applaud once again, for what seem like five full minutes.

I am wearing an olive green two piece “Christian Dior” designers pants suit

Sydney Australia

with a multi colored silk blouse, decor with matching “Tiffany’s”
jewlry and a pair of gold “Stacy London” 3-inch pumps with a
matching “Coach” bag. All topped off with the sexy fragrance of “Celene Dion” perfume.

Me: Thank you for the compliment…smiling with appreciation

Gordon: Tell me Ms. Rena, with these two beautiful homes which keeps you
traveling back and forth. “Is there a significant other, that gets to share
this fabulous lifestyle with you?” Because we are hearing rumors of one guy
in particular?

Me: Actually, no Gordon, but I do have a couple of close friends, but not

Jay Leno TV Host

really dating anyone. AND I know exactly who started the rumors!!
(Jay Leno) Laughter!!

Gordon: Laughing out loud. That’s right! a few months ago Jay Leno
showed a clip or snapshot of you and this massive rich, well known
entrepreneur by the name of Randy Gage at an outing together.

Me: Yes, I got to see that also. That picture was actually taken at an
event that the both of us attended because we are in the same area
of expertise. Someone from Jay Leno’s team was there also and captured
that pose as we were standing in the lobby of a hotel where the event
was being held. The next thing I knew the media is announcing we are
a couple. “That’s how rumors get started!!”

Laughter, laughter, laughter!

Me and Randy

Me: The thing is Randy and I are great friends. He pointed me in
the right direction when I was looking to buy my place in Sydney
Australia. He’s a really cool guy and a dear friend. Not that I
wouldn’t mind being a couple. As for now we are the best of friends.

Gordon: Tell us more about other projects you have been involved with.

Me: My most recent adventure is the building of a home for
homeless men and women. This was started about 3-4 months
after the building of our beautiful church.

You know Gordon, there are far too many people in the U.S. that just don’t have
a clean and safe place to lay their heads. I was blessed to be connected with the
right team of people that knew how to lay out the plans for structuring and building
a 30 room facility, to house 15 men and 15 women and assist them to getting a
job so they can get back on their feet.

The audience gives a WILD applause!!!

The cameras draws near to me as they zoom in and show the tears which are welling
up in my eyes from pure joy!!

Gordon: We have some slide here..let’s take a look at the finished product of
your homeless shelter for men and women.

The cameramen shows the building…The audience is in awe.

Gordon: Ms. Williams, you are doing incredible work for the world and this is
an amazing facility. What’s it called again?

Me: The House Of Hope

homeless shelter built

The audience claps!!!

Gordon: That’s amazing.
Gordon: We also have pictures of your fabulous homes. Can we see those now Scott?

(Scott is the camera guy)

Pictures being shown:

Me: That’s my home in Monterey, CA. I think I chose california because of
the beautiful pictures that was displayed in the movie “The Shift” by Wayne
Dyer. I loved the scenery so much, I model my home after it. It’s close to
the beach, I can go for a morning walk. The trees have an impeccable green
color and are uniquely shaped. They lean into each other like they are praising
one another.

My house sits in an area all by itself with the greenest lush grass and

Monterey House

amazing landscape I’ve ever seen. It’s beautiful! I can walk onto
my screened in back porch and see the beach and smell the beach
water fragrance each day that I am here.

Gordon: What about your home in Sydney? How often do you go there?

Me: It’s like three months in the states and then three months there.

Gordon: How is it you are able to have two incredible homes and help build
churches, plus shetlers as a single person?

Me: Great question Gordon. I still have to pinch myself at times to realize


I’m not dreaming, this is as real as it gets. You know I made myself a
promise that whenever I start earning $10, 000 a month, I would
start doing spectacular things for others. “I always keep my promise!!”
amazing abundance has transpired every since.

The audience NOW standing and applauding!! The hand claps are becoming louder
and louder.  AND, I am feeling so humbled and energized at the same time.

Gordon: I must say Ms. Rena, you have done a remarkable job of giving and
helping others and living a beautiful life. I want to say, “keep up the good
work, may God continue to bless you immensely.” Thank you for being our special
guest here on the 700 Club today!

Me: The pleasure is all mine Gordon. I look forward to returning sometime in
the near future to share with you my latest and greatest projects.

Audience: Applaud, applaud, applaud!!

Audience Clapping

I gaze out at the audience with a huge smile as I’m being blinded by the spotlights of the camera crew.

Wow! This is an awesome feeling…There’s nothing more satisfying than helping others.

  1. November 11, 2010 at 11:52 pm

    G’day Rena, I look forward to visiting you in Sydney. Well done on the Press Release.

    • November 12, 2010 at 1:12 am

      Thank you Damian..It’s on my list of dreams!

  2. November 12, 2010 at 2:05 am

    Wow, this is awesome Rena, I have to post mine soon.. thanks for the encoragement..

  3. November 13, 2010 at 3:36 am

    Loved your Press Release, Rena.

    Don’t you just love the beautiful person you’ve become? Your loving giving spirit will inspire thousands of others to create a life of their dreams.

    I’m blessed to have you as a MKMMA Sister, Rena.

    • November 13, 2010 at 5:14 pm

      Thanks Wilma. Yes, this is quite an experience (MkMMA) Learning how to dream more.

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